Site Zone FLT Proximity Warning System

Proximity Warning Overview

Forklift trucks represent one of the highest risk factors of any vehicle when it comes to work place safety and are responsible for over 20% of workplace transport incidents. There are a number of factors which are particular to forklift trucks and the environments in which they work that contribute to these statistics including:

  • Forklifts often work in congested environments with poor 360° visibility – places such as warehouses, ports or logistics centres.
  • They move quickly and can turn rapidly.
  • They can be quiet and often work in noisy enviroments.

Proximity Warning Systems

There are different types of Proximity Warning System utilising a range of different technologies and are generally designed to prevent vehicles colliding with objects and/or personnel. Proximity warning systems are sometimes called anti collision systems.

The reversing sensors found on many modern cars can be considered a basic proximity warning system.

Site Zone is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based Proximity Warning System, which has several advantages over other technologies

  • The system will only detect the transponders (sometimes called tags) that it is designed to detect which reduces false alarms and maintains system integrity.
  • RFID based systems are ideal for applications such as warehouse and ports as they can see "see around" blind corners. Unlike camera's and mirrors they do not require line of sight to see potential hazards.

The Basics

howitworks forklift

The Site Zone system uses advanced RFID technology and can be customised to meet the requirements of a wide variety of operating environments and vehicles. Customisable features include a variable protection range up to 10 metres, variable protection zones, front, rear or full 360º.

The Components

Site Zone components have been designed to work in the same harsh environments as the vehicles to which they are fitted, key components include:

Site Zone Antenna

The easily installed Site Zone antenna emits an and RF field, which provides a 360° detection zone around a fork lift truck similar sized vehicle.

Display & Alarm Box

The alarm box provides both an audible and visual alarm if the safety zone is breached. There is a driver operated temporary alarm mute option if personnel need to legimately approach the machine and it is safe to do so, any events are still recorded even if the alarm mute button is depressed.

Personnel Transponders

Site personnel transponders are designed to become part of employees’ personal protective equipment (PPE). Each tag can be individually identified so any events logged by the system can be traced directly to the tag involved in the event. Transponders are universal and will work with any machine on any site that is using the Site Zone system. Transponders can be configured in a number of ways to include features such as authorised driver ID.

External Alarm

The optional external alarm alerts any tag wearing person breaching the safety zone that they have done so allowing them to retreat to a safer location.

Protect Your Workforce

Workplace transport remains one of the major causes of fatalities and injuries across a wide range of industries.

Being struck by a moving vehicle is one of the most common types of accident.

2010/11 Workplace transport accidents in the UK included:

  • Nearly 60 fatalities
  • Over 1500 major accidents
  • Over 5000 3 day accidents

Being struck by a moving vehicle accounted for more than a third of all workplace transport related accidents.

Forklift trucks accounted for approximately 20% of all workplace transport accidents.

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